Sugar Hair Removal

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Sugar Hair Removal:

Sugar hair removal is an ancient Egyptian technique that has been rediscovered.  The paste is all natural, and the hair removal becomes permanent after a scheduled series of treatments.  It is gentle and nearly painless, I also use it in acne facials as the sugar pulls the congestion from the pores.  It works for hair removal by being smoothed into the hair follicles and shrinking them till the hair becomes fine and transparent and eventually quits growing.



Face             $20.00

Eyebrows          8.00

Lips                10.00

Chin               10.00

Underarms       25.00

Arms                  25.00

Legs               40.00  whole                        Lower Legs    25.00

Bikini              25.00

Brazilian          60.00                                    This price becomes  $50.00 when back in 4 weeks

Back              40.00


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