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What I Do

Hi I'm Joyce Walker, I started this little spa about 4 years ago.  The prices are kept low and the quality of treatments high.  I offer some unique services including Facials and Sugar hair removal in a relaxing atmosphere.



Deluxe cleansing and relaxing facial

Acne Facials

Microdermabrasion; cleansing and removing scars and blemishes

Hi Frequency;  skin tightening and sterilization

Galvanic; deep penetration of products


Hair Removal:

Sugar Paste hair removal can become permanent and is available for the whole body.  This process is very popular on the East and West Coasts and Internationally. 


420 4th St NE  suite 136 

Watertown, SD 57201 



Call anytime for appointments   605-237-1082

Our skin is our most prized possession it protects us our entire lives.  It should be taken care of always and pampered as much as possible to keep it flexible and beautiful.  All the skin care services will be fully explained including prices in the following pages.